Doll Talk

All About Juice Plus

June 25, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 6
Doll Talk
All About Juice Plus
Show Notes

This week’s episode is about Fitness, Nutrition and Juice Plus with Courtney Waterebury @courtney_otgbootcamp_sgx on Instagram 

Here’s what we talked about:

Our personal experiences with Juice Plus. Courtney introduced us to Juice Plus, and we asked her a TON of questions about the product.

Why Courtney (a fitness professional of 18 years) recommends Juice Plus

Juice Plus is one of the most researched companies in the world

The difference between being vitamin deficient and nutrient deficient.

The recommended dosage for each product.

How Courtney has introduced her son to Juice Plus.

How to start your children on Juice Plus supplements.

What exactly is in Juice Plus capsules.

How NSF - a third party company - tests Juice Plus capsules.

How Juice Plus can help and with recovery time after working out.

Juice Plus protein shakes…. Why are they so good

The difference between dieting - and a lifestyle balance.

Courtney’s take on FAD diets.

How our emotions play into our nutrition and diet. 

How drinking alcohol impacts your weight and the best cocktails for your waistline.

Having a cheat meal vs. free meal. 

How Courtney is pivoting her fitness business to stay virtual.

Read our latest blog post about Juice Plus here:

Please take moment and follow Courtney on instagram @courtney_otgbootcamp_sgx. Email [email protected] for a personal consult.