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Dani's Covid Break Up and Blue Crates

August 24, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 7
Doll Talk
Dani's Covid Break Up and Blue Crates
Show Notes

Get all the details on Dani's COVID Breakup + 5 ways she's staying positive and moving on. 

Most Dolls have experienced a break up that really shook them. Throw a pandemic into the mix and you better believe that this has been a rough one for Dani. This Doll’s relationship with her then-boyfriend became very strained during the Covid-19 pandemic and although they tried to work on it, it soon became clear that it was time for Dani Doll to move on and move out. Enter: Blue Crates.

Blue Crates is an on-demand storage and moving company. What this means is… If you’re living in a Chicago apartment or condo truth be told, you always feel like you need more space and more places to store your belongings. Blue Crates is the solution, you can store your seasonal wardrobe and holiday decorations or even utilize the service to store your items during a move.

We had a great time talking to Blue Crates owner, Mike about ALL the ways you can use this service.

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Use the Code Doll1free for your first month of storage for free. Storage plans start at $10 per month.

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