Doll Talk

Hung Like a Horse

September 12, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 9
Doll Talk
Hung Like a Horse
Show Notes

Weekend catchup: Birthday Bitch and Impromptu Nashville 

Caitlin's bday present and finance meetings. Yes, we have a joint bank account. 

Mackinac island : Hung like a horse and the ferry ride from hell

Dani's impromptu Nashville trip with Nat G MVP: shopping scores at POSH (not poosh!), the cutest winery plus #1 advice for struggling in your 30s

Dani's Dating Update:  Mini Golf is an exciting prospect but moving slow

The BIG Question... Should you date multiple people and how to date multiple people?

More BIG Questions... Is Dani jealous of Caitlin's life? What about Caitlin annoys Dani?

Finance Woes & Wins: Dani getting cut off in her 30's causing major anxieties towards finances and how Once Upon a Dollhouse made it better. 

F*ck 2020 no wait don't f*ck it - The Small Biz Social Media Academy is born!!!

The value attached to doing it for yourself: Caitlin's shares about her mom's BIG career and what is was like for her financially after being on her own

Friends come and go, BFFs are forever

Stay tuned for our latest blog post - seasonal changes with nutrition, skincare and fashion

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