Doll Talk

Panty Dropping Hinge Profiles

September 27, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 11
Doll Talk
Panty Dropping Hinge Profiles
Show Notes
  • F45 workouts: Why we love it! 
  • Intro to our show: Voice of our jingle - Caitlin’s husband is the voice of the Prince - Dani’s ex Kevin wrote the music - Caitlin wrote the script - Dani edited it. It’s a family affair. 
  • Dani has dinner with the her ex-boyfriend Kevin
  • Block, block, block - Why men hate being blocked
  • Dani’s ex-boyfriend’s Hinge profile
  • Hinge prompts that piss Dani off
  • Matching with guy friends and hook-ups on hinge
  • No EGGS!
  • Dani’s Hinge profile
  • What guys should have on their hinge profiles
  • Dating multiple guys at the same time: Check-in with Dani’s dating life
  • Mini Golf - Caipirinha Prince - Friend Zone - Rebound
  • Mini Golf Update
  • Dating Caipirinha Prince
  • What guys say to Dani that turns her off!!!
  • What we think about guys places
  • The best hummus platter & nachos can be found at the same spot in Chicago.
  • Friend Zone!!! HELP!!!!
  • Whispers at Oak Street Beach… Best date spot during the warm months in Chicago
  • Rebound VS Friend Zone!
  • Can men and women just be friends?
  • How to easily let down a friend zone who just won’t back down
  • Trust your journey and focus forward!

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