Doll Talk

Your Dad is a FILF!

October 11, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 13
Doll Talk
Your Dad is a FILF!
Show Notes

Lisa Leventhal AKA Lulu joins us this week!

We're chatting about our friendship and Lulu's role as brand ambassador as a brand ambassador for one of our favorite brands, Somrus, the next generation of cream liqueurs.

Rose Gold for the Win

Jersey Chasing in Pittsburg

Googly eyes --> Put a condom on the eye fuck

Wedding prep meal plan on the road

Traveling across the US and our Disney obsession

Will Dani be Lulu's new stepmom?

Filf vs Dilf

Lulu's pre-COVID wedding and how and why she lives in separate countries from her husband

Why you shouldn't be intimidated & how to vote on a local level.

Vajacials and Vaginal Rejuvination

Back to Disney realness

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