Doll Talk

Sweet like (POP)CANDY with Crystal Nicole

October 25, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 14
Doll Talk
Sweet like (POP)CANDY with Crystal Nicole
Show Notes

Caitlin and Dani sit down to Doll-Talk with Crystal of Crystal Nicole Studios and POPCANDY Podcast

Dolls? Right up my alley... We love a good Instagram stalk.

The Photog/Influencer connectivity - why it's important!

Going from behind-the-lens to in front of the camera: Crystal's journey to becoming an influencer

The COVID Pivot - what does a wedding photographer do when everything shuts down?!

Pop culture obsessions and getting connected with a Real Housewife of Orange County

Crystal's steps to becoming an Influencer + steps to content creation

Thoughts on reincarnation and living in the now

Why we should all journal more

Life goals: travel and Disney

Crystal's love journey with photography: where it started, her first camera, how she left the corporate world and infiltrated the wedding industry

Crystal's tips for starting out and getting into photography

How to pitch and get clients

Dani's wedding: only for the grown and sexy

Dirty deets of Crystal's experiences working with influencers

Chicago food obsessions, including our Portillo's order

Digital vs. Film photography - why we are dreaming of a Parisian photoshoot

Creating art for our homes: Our glam photoshoot at Four Seasons Chicago

The Bachelorette photoshoot. We're still reminiscing about an epic trip to Palm Springs: The photos are worth MixTiles!

How we are helping Small Business owners right now 

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