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Are you pregnant?

November 08, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 15
Doll Talk
Are you pregnant?
Show Notes

We're *finally* answering your most asked questions. We haven't done this podcast via ZOOM in a hot minute - here we go!

Dani's dating update... Why is she in Florida and how are things going with Mini Golf?? Who's new in her dating world? What is it like dating multiple people?

And now the other big question, "Caitlin, are you pregnant??"

Peep the BLOG POST:

What exactly went into Caitlin's fertility journey & explaining the IUI, the dream team and timelines (Dani's specialty)

The necklace Cait wore during her fertility journey:

Advice for friends supporting Dolls going through their own fertility journey

How Cait told her mom, Dani and her husband!

Photographing the announcement with AlphaLit Chicago and Balloons by Tommy.
See our pictures here:

HAD = Hot Auntie Dani

What was the First Trimester like? Going from a salad bitch to bagels and cream cheese.

First trimester sex + big boob update.

Cait's pregnancy supplement routine
Check out Juice Plus:

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