Doll Talk

Covid Holidaze

November 16, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 16
Doll Talk
Covid Holidaze
Show Notes

The Dolls share their Holiday experiences from Childhood + Adulthood before discussing their first Covid Holidaze.

An audience question and the Holiday's drives the topic for this entire podcast

We share tips with you on how to handle the upcoming Covid holiday's if your family plans have been cancelled.

1. Acceptance

2. Get Physical

3. Reconnect with your Pandemic Pal (Seasonal Depression)

4. Communication 

5. Educate yourself (SBSM Academy)

6. Pamper yourself

 Trader Joes body scrub

Frank's bod coffee scrub

Dry brush

Here is a link to a blog post that includes all 10 tips.