Doll Talk

Our Covid Nightmare Continues! Special Guests: Dr. Raj and Dr. Cullen

December 02, 2020 Once Upon a Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 18
Doll Talk
Our Covid Nightmare Continues! Special Guests: Dr. Raj and Dr. Cullen
Show Notes

DISCLAIMER from our guests during this podcast EP:

The statements made and opinions expressed during this podcast are our own personal statements and opinions and should not be construed as the statements or opinions of any entity or institution that we may have been employed by or affiliated with at any time in our professional lives.  Additionally, we take patient confidentiality incredibly seriously.  For that reason, any references to stories about patients have purposefully been modified so as to not identify any particular patient or location.  Finally, while we are both doctors, nothing that we say in this podcast should be construed as medical advice.  If you are in need of medical advice, please contact your personal physician.  Also, while we are doctors, we are not your doctors.  Please discuss anything we discuss medically with your doctor. 

Additionally any ideas or opinions expressed in the links above or by the guests on our show do not necessarily reflect our own personal or professional opinions, or the opinions of any organizations that we currently or formerly worked for or represented.  Thanks again for listening!

This episode has two very special guests:

2 ER Doctors who are currently on the front lines of Covid are here to answer all of our Covid questions!

This EP is very emotional for us - We go deep with our personal Covid stories.

If you aren't feeling well - Get a Covid Test

Where to get them in Chicago

1) Most insurance websites have a webpage for you to visit.

Dani caught Covid and shares her story

Caitlin's Covid Nightmare is still on-going and she shared all the emotional details

Where to find The Doctors:

** Listen to Man in the Arena EP**

CDC.GOV - To learn about donating Covid Plasma